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New NP Entry-Level Examination


NP entry-level examination is one of the six elements of a new model for NP regulation in Canada. The goal is to have one national entry-level examination for all NPs that is:


  • Driven by public safety
  • Addresses clients’ life span and diverse practice settings
  • Psychometrically sound
  • Legally defensible
  • Accessible
  • Recognized as one component of NP registration


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the name of the successful exam vendor?


CCRNR has selected Meazure Learning (formerly Yardstick Assessment Strategies) as the vendor for the new exam for Canadian NPs. The vendor provides a number of high stakes exams for Canadian health professions such as, Canadian Council of Practical Nurse Regulators, Registered Psychiatric Nurse Regulators of Canada, Canadian Midwifery Regulators Council, National Dental Examining Board of Canada, National Alliance of Pharmacy Regulators of Canada, and more.


How was the exam vendor selected?


We publicly issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the development and administration of one national NP examination for all NPs across Canada. In the RFP, we outlined CCRNR’s expectations and set out the selection criteria and process. After careful review of submissions against the criteria, the Selection Committee, comprised of four CCRNR Board of Director members, selected the exam vendor.


What is the timeframe for the new NP exam?


Developing a new exam is an extensive process. CCRNR's Exams Committee is currently engaged in contractual negotiations with the exam vendor. We will have more information about the project plan and timeframe after this process is finalized.


Who is responsible for overseeing the development and administration of the exam?


CCRNR’s Exams Committee bears overall responsibility for the NP entry-level examination including vendor selection, practice analysis, exam development, exam delivery and its ongoing administration.


The Committee will be working with Meazure Learning (formerly Yardstick Assessment Strategies). The next exciting component of this work is the initiation of a practice analysis of Canadian NPs to support exam development, which will be starting soon.


How can you stay informed about the NP exam?


All information about exams will be posted in this exam section of CCRNR. We will update this page as often as we have new information to share.







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