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Canadian Nurse Practitioner Examination: Family/All Ages (CNPE:F/AA)


CNPE Dates




Spring session: May 7

Fall session: October 9


The purpose of the CNPE:F/AA is to protect the public by ensuring that the entry-level nurse practitioner, working in a family/all ages context, possesses the competencies required to practise safely and effectively.


The implementation of the competencies from the 2015 Practice Analysis: Study of Nurse Practitioners required that a new blueprint be developed for the CNPE:F/AA. The new blueprint was implemented in May 2018. See below for more information and links to the blueprint, the new online prep tool, and the candidate examination handbook.



The primary function of the CNPE:F/AA Blueprint is to describe how the exam is developed. Specifically, this Blueprint provides explicit instructions and guidelines on how the competencies (i.e., knowledge, skills, attributes, and judgments) are to be expressed within the examination to enable accurate decisions to be made on a candidate's readiness to practise safely, effectively, and ethically. It also contains the technical specifications used to guide the development of the examination and helps candidates preparing to take the CNPE:F/AA. The Blueprint can be accessed online in English or French.


Prep Tool

The new CNPE:F/AA Prep Tool is now available for candidates. Click here to go to the CNPE:F/AA Prep Tool page. This is an optional resource that candidates can purchase to help them prepare to take the CNPE:F/AA. The Prep Tool consists of two parts: documents containing information to help candidates prepare to take the exam and an 80-question online practice test. After completing the online practice test, the candidate is provided with a scorecard which includes the rationale and the reference for each item on the test. The new CNPE:F/AA Prep Tool is available to purchase from the exam provider.


Candidate Examination Handbook

The handbook provides candidates with information regarding procedures and policies relates to the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Examination: Family/All Ages (CNPE: F/AA). It describes processes that guide candidates on what they need to do before the exam, during the exam, and following the exam. Click here to go to the Candidate Examination Handbook.






For all other questions related to the CNPE:F/AA, contact your Canadian provincial/territorial regulatory body.



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